I have started making a “Cards against Hogwarts” deck.

You’re a ” man of the brink of orgasm” Harry

Harry Potter, our new found “Christopher Walken”

The ” three midgets pooping in a bucket” chooses the ” collection of high tech sex toys” Harry.

I’M DYING - I’m going to fandom hell for this, aren’t I? 

I’m totally bringing this deck to Misti Con 2015

omg Fandoms against Humanity deck? 

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My foster kittens. All named after hobbits.

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what if there was a really flamboyant assassin and after they killed someone they just snapped their fingers, turned away and said ‘you’ve just been SASSassinated’

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  • thedoctornumber11Hey, I saw your thing about the Doctor Who figure you turned into Clever. Just wondering, where did you get the figure at and how tall is it?
  • I got it from my local comic book shop. Let me go look at the box for the proper scale. But he is about 5 inched tall. A lot tinier than I thought!!! Lol

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My new foster kittens: Bilbo, Frodo, Merri, Sam and Pippin. The mom’s name is Gandalf.

Put the volume up when you play it. Thought it was cute. ;) hehe

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Actual conversation with my mom.

Mom: when are you going back to your natural hair color?
Me: when I’m sick of my cosplay character.
Mom: sooooooo, never?
Me: pretty much! #cosplayerproblems
Mom: did you just use the word hashtag in a sentence?
Me: oh. Um…
Mom: wow

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Looking for more blogs to follow


I’m mostly looking for more fandom blogs to follow! Please reblog this if you blog

Doctor Who



Once Upon A Time


Any cute animals

Funny stuff

And I’ll check you out!

Yup. Yup.

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