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For the next nerd trivia night, I want our team name to be
Gallifrey’s Next Top Doctor

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OMFG. What the hell is going on with Whovians out there?! Good lord.

I’m not ready to move on from 11 yet but WHY THE HELL are people arguing so much over the show, the cast, the lesbianism, the post show, the pre show, the tour, the cosplay contest, the BBC, the story, the writers, the clothes, who’s better etc etc

Remember when this used to be about THE DOCTOR? And we used to just have fun imagining when the beautiful blue box was coming for us?


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I just noticed my con list for the upcoming season. 

I’m never going to be able to afford anything ever again.

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  • assbutthasthephoneboxI feel like I've met you in a cosplay meet or something. Have you gone to any in NY? I'm attached to Whovian Cosplay NY, and when I do cos, it's usually Simm's Master
  • I haven’t YET. LoL

    But I’m in the Whovian NY cosplay group. Amanda’s group. :) I’ll be at NYCC and LI Who.

    We’ve probably seen each other on FB.
    I love Supernatural too.

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  • fierceturtle*Waves* Just saw your post about cons, and as a NH resident who is attending Granite State Comic Con, LI Who, and Gally, I just wanted to say hi. (if we haven't met already that is, the internet is weird)
  • lisarobertsrox

    Omg! I’m going to all three!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!! Who/what do you cosplay??

    ****hi! I’m Lisa. I only have one costume, but I don’t care. I’m new enough to this, that whatever…..

    I can’t wait to meet you. Have we met?

    I’m always dressed as Mr. Clever. Although at Anime Boston, I lobby conned as Hello Clever.

    Nice to meet you!!!!!!!!

  • The Clockwork Dragon


    Soo…. Tumblr seems to be intent on not letting me reply to this, so have a reblog instead? I think I am too old to ever really understand this place.

    I mostly cosplay as Fem!Six and Fem!Seven and River Song. I also have othrer Who costumes and I am working on my first non-Who costumes. They were supposed to be ready for Granite State Comic Con, but I have really screwed up the schedule and am pushing to finish a friend’s outfit first, so unlikely this year.

    Are you a member of NH Whovians? Nah…. Age doesn’t make tumblr work any better or worse!!!

    I’m so excited to meet you. :) I’ll be at GSCC on Sat for sure because some former NH Whovians that moved to AZ will be visiting. I miss them. :(

    If I don’t see you, come find me. I’m hard to miss. I’m usually bouncing off the walls, and my face lights up.. So….. You know. There’s that. ;)

    And I’ll have a bunch of cool friends at you have to come meet - they will adore you. We’re all going to see the NH/AZ Whovians. One does the Silence like you have NEVER seen, no pun intended, and the other will be a Cybershade. I’m so freaking excited!!!!

    I’ll have to make you a Cybermite. I throw them at people.

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